Anti-Money Laundering Working Group (AMLWG)

The main objectives of the Working Group are:

  • facilitating a better understanding of the risk-based approach (RBA) by the CIS member states in accordance with the FATF Standards and FATF Guidance;
  • identifying regional (local) specificities of ML/TF risks;
  • disseminating the best practices of risk assessment and RBA in the CIS space;
  • sharing experience in organizing AML/CFT supervision and RBA through dissemination of experience in effective cooperation between supervisory and authorized bodies of the CIS member states;
  • exchanging opinions on ways to achieve the required rating under Immediate Outcome 1 of the FATF methodology;
  • studying ML/TF risks as part of the RBA within the Working  Group at the international level and sharing experience of supervisory bodies.

The AMLWG platform has launched and operates projects aimed at investigating the illegal activities of actors of the shadow market of services for money redistribution and laundering, identifying and mitigating the risks of movement of illicit financial flows from/to the Commonwealth countries and identifying professional laundering platforms and schemes of companies – "redistribution" centers that break a link between the real counterparts (the source of origin and destination of the final investment of funds).

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