Counter Terrorist Financing Working Group (CTFWG)

In accordance with its objectives the Working Group ensures:

  • planning of joint practical measures on combating the financing of terrorism;
  • sharing operational and other financial information of interest with the financial intelligence units and law enforcement agencies of the CIS CHFIU member states in order to make the counter-financing of terrorism more effective;
  • cooperation with national state authorities and the credit and financial sector for addressing the problems related to combating the financing of terrorism;
  • cooperation with international organizations and CIS sectoral cooperation bodies for fulfilling the tasks assigned to the CIS CHFIU in terms of combating terrorist financing;
  • development of methodological recommendations, as well as reporting, final and other materials on implementation of measures aimed at combating terrorist financing, which have been adopted by the CIS CHFIU.

Within the CTFWG framework, a regular operation of the CIS CHFIU aimed at identification of persons involved in the activities of international terrorist organizations, as well as their financial and ideological centers (code named “Barrier”), is carried out.

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